The Resolutions...

With the new year quickly coming upon us, I started thinking ... as everyone does ... about my goals for 2012.  What do I want out of 2012?  What do I want to look back on and see when I'm sitting in this position next year examining my goals for 2013?  Who do I wanna be?  I thought I'd take note of a couple of goals I have set for myself...

Shoot More - Think Less.  No, I don't mean shooting as in people...with a gun, I mean take more pictures.  Stop worrying about what other people think.  Stop worrying about what I think.  Just do it. 
I want to take my camera everywhere and not care when people look at me funny for taking a picture of the dessert I just ordered.  I want to get back to my "practice practice practice" ideals when it comes to my photography, and just.shoot.everything. 

Reward instead of Indulge.  I work a full time job, and because of that I have limited time to actually do the things I want to do.  But, I do have a bad habit of just coming home and indulging in doing the thing I've been thinking about doing all day long - like making a new piece of jewelry... or writing... or reading ... or taking pictures ... or editing pictures, etc.  And in doing this - I tend to neglect the other chores in my life.  Cleaning, cooking, going to the gym... all fall by the wayside because they are things I really don't wanna do.  I just want to flip on my DVR'd episode of New Girl and make a cute pair of earrings.  But, this year I know and I have the goal to reward myself AFTER I've done all the things that need to get done.  I can't plop myself down on the couch unless I've gone to the gym and folded that pesky pile of laundry. 

Lose the LBSes.  My last goal leads me to this goal.  Stop choosing the couch over the treadmill and just friggin' do it.  I have a treadmill in my office AND netflix streaming to the TV in the office.  AND a new Kindle I can prop up and read while I'm walking merrily along.  I HAVE NO EXCUSE.  Just get off my lazy, good for nothing BEHIND and own that treadmill.  The battle of the bulge will end in 2012.

Ramp up the Biz.  2011 was the first year of Carmon Leigh Photography and I am going to mark it down as a learning year.  2012, however, I am hoping to be "my year".  I want to ramp things up.  Offer specials, get involved, really dedicate my efforts into making this business get off the ground and succeed.

Write.Write.Write.  I used to journal, like, all the time.  I have almost 10 journals somewhere (I should probably find those) that I poured my heart into when I was in HS and College.  I graduated college and I couldn't tell you the last time I really wrote in a journal.  I used to write short stories and poetry too.  I don't know the last time I've taken pen to paper to write anything that might possibly rhyme.  I want to get back to that - where I just had creativity flowing through me all the time.

I'm looking forward to what 2012 will bring and putting 2011 behind me :)



  1. Great goals girl!! I love the shoot more..think less one ha! I am going to do that too :)

  2. Love your resolutions. I'm always the problem with getting stuff done, I'm always saying "Maybe tomorrow. I'll finish that project or run like I should" instead of just getting off my lazy buns and doing it! :) Jillian Michaels says, "If you didn't pass out, puke, or die... don't quit!" That's my new life motto. :) Cute blog!

  3. Carmon, I randomly stumbled on your blog by clicking on a comment you made on "Enjoying the Small Things". Your most recents posts were great and I can't wait to read more! Although, I am not a great photographer myself, I am obsessed with photographs. Loved looking at your photography site and wish you much luck in growing your business in 2012! I look forward to following your blog....I am grabbing a button. Come visit my little part of the blogosphere if you get a chance. Best wishes!


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