No, but I will


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This about sums it up today.
Because I haven't...
But I will.

Hope you're having a blessed Monday.


Life's not so bad

I've been spending a lot of time working...

But I've been trying to stop and appreciate the beauty of life...

And remember there are those that love me unconditionally...

And there things that I really enjoy that let me let off some steam...

Life isn't so bad :)


Lazy Saturday

I've been very "ho-hum" lately.  I haven't felt well, and in true 'after the holidays' fashion, I've been coming down off the Holiday High with a large thud.  So today, instead of getting anything done - I did a lot of nothing. 

I started with a bowl of Peanut Butter Multigrain Cheerios.  If you haven't tried this new flavor, I suggest you make it a point to get to your local grocery store and pick up a box. 

And then I moved on to some coffee and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.

We wrapped up the afternoon watching TV and napping. 
 Boomer was exceptionally sleepy...
as proven by all his yawns today ;)


Which Lens?

I have been asked several times (not just on the blog) what type of lenses I use, or what type of lens I would recommend.  So, I thought a short little blurb about which lenses I use and why might help anyone who just got a new DSLR for Christmas and is itching to go farther with it. 
I preface this post with "I'm not perfect and I still have a lot to learn", but I have the basics and if I can help anyone learn and enjoy photography then I'm all for it.  Because, well, basically I have a love affair with my camera.  It goes with me more places than my husband does...

The first lens I would recommend to anyone starting out is what most other photographers would agree with.
The 50mm:

Do you hear the angels singing?  Oh, that was just me? Ok...Awkward.  This is my most favorite "go to" lens.  It stays on my camera approximately 85% of the time.  (I sounded really smart there, didn't I?  Don't you think people who throw out percentages when they are talking sound smart? -- Sorry, off track)  I love this lens and the images it creates.  Now, my lens is a 50mm 1.8 - but they have 50mms that are 1.2 or 1.4.  The reason I recommend this as a starter lens, however, is because it is relatively inexpensive in comparison to the 1.2 or 1.4.  Depending on who/where you buy it from you can expect to spend about $100-150 on this lens. 

*One important thing to note about this lens, however, (this applies to Nikon owners, I'm not sure about Canon owners) is this particular lens will NOT work on your camera if you do not have an autofocus motor in the BODY of your DSLR.  This lens is relatively inexpensive because it does not have an autofocus motor in it and so it relies on the motor in your DSLR.  Any model cameras that are considered "entry level" DSLRs, such as the D5000 do not have a autofocus motor in the body.  If you chose to buy this lens will just have to manually focus when taking your pictures.

If you do have an "entry level" camera and don't want to break the bank...I recommend the 35mm 1.8.

This little lens is my crush. If my 50mm is my one and only love - then this lens is the movie star I crush on...and not even in secret.

There is not much difference between the 35 and 50mm aside from their focal lengths and price.  You can expect to pay around $200-250 for this lens, but it DOES have the autofocus motor in it so it will work on more entry level cameras if that is what you currently own. 

As for eloquently comparing the two and their differences, I will leave that to the most talented Jasmine Star.  I have learned so much from her that I totally recommend, if you have any interest in pursuing photography at all - whether it be a hobby or a new career, that you check out what she has to say.
You can find her review of the 35mm vs the 50mm here : Jasmine Star


My possessed dog...

So I decided to send a text message to my husband with a picture of our middle "child" standing at the front door begging to go outside, even though she just came in from outside through the back door. 
Thanks to my lovely camera phone...I now know why she's crazy.
She's possessed.
Tell me this isn't creepy...

Hope everyone is having an un-creepy Tuesday.


It's Thursday, but it's OK

I've been in a linky mood this week... so I'm linking up again with Amber over at Brunch with Amber to make myself feel "OK" about a few things today, on:

Ya know's OK...

...that I cry every time I have to drop my dogs off at the Groomers.  They hate that place.

...that I'd much rather be blog stalking than doing any work.

...that I still have not yet made it to the treadmill since Jan. 1st.

...that we still have ALL our Christmas decorations up (even the lights outside).

...that I haven't been to bed before midnight in the past 3 weeks.

...that I had reduced fat peanut butter crackers for breakfast.  They're no Wheaties, but that's all the vending machine upstairs had that wasn't chocolate. :/

On another note
In keeping with my shoot more, think less resolution...I tried to practice intentionally blurring my pictures for effect last night on the drive home... I think I would like them better if you could really tell what it was, but it was dark and I was trying to catch these moments at stop lights ... and of course, the night I want the red lights to last a long time they changed almost immediately every time I pulled up to one.  Oh well... lots of ooey gooey bokeh goodness.
I still think it looks kind of neat :)

Happy Thursday!


My Kind of Fairytale (and its Bling)

This morning, I'm a little late in linking up my Bling Bling but I thought this was a cute idea so I wanted to join everyone over at Happiness Is...

My husband and I got engaged on May 21st 2009.
Now, Derin has never claimed to be overly romantic ... there are no sonnets tucked away for me to show my kids or anything, but I know that he loves me and he shows me in the best ways he knows how.  That being said, our engagement didn't involve roses, or fancy dinners, or a jumbo-tron - but it did involve the two of us...sitting on our front porch... in our rocking chairs.  He looked at me and said, 'In 50 years, I wanna be doing this exact same thing; Sitting here, with you, holding hands, rocking on our front porch.'  And at that point, he got down on one knee and popped out this bad boy:

So of course I screamed, and cried, and ... said YES!

And from there I proceeded to plan our simple, perfect little wedding.

*Courtesy of J&J Photography

Now, it isn't the biggest - or the most 'perfect' - but it is absolutely perfect for me, and I couldn't ask for anything more wonderful than this ring that my husband picked out for me. <3

*Courtesy of J&J Photography