It's Thursday, but it's OK

I've been in a linky mood this week... so I'm linking up again with Amber over at Brunch with Amber to make myself feel "OK" about a few things today, on:

Ya know's OK...

...that I cry every time I have to drop my dogs off at the Groomers.  They hate that place.

...that I'd much rather be blog stalking than doing any work.

...that I still have not yet made it to the treadmill since Jan. 1st.

...that we still have ALL our Christmas decorations up (even the lights outside).

...that I haven't been to bed before midnight in the past 3 weeks.

...that I had reduced fat peanut butter crackers for breakfast.  They're no Wheaties, but that's all the vending machine upstairs had that wasn't chocolate. :/

On another note
In keeping with my shoot more, think less resolution...I tried to practice intentionally blurring my pictures for effect last night on the drive home... I think I would like them better if you could really tell what it was, but it was dark and I was trying to catch these moments at stop lights ... and of course, the night I want the red lights to last a long time they changed almost immediately every time I pulled up to one.  Oh well... lots of ooey gooey bokeh goodness.
I still think it looks kind of neat :)

Happy Thursday!



  1. who wouldn't want to be blog stalking instead of working? : )

  2. peanut butter crackers are good any time of the day!


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