My Kind of Fairytale (and its Bling)

This morning, I'm a little late in linking up my Bling Bling but I thought this was a cute idea so I wanted to join everyone over at Happiness Is...

My husband and I got engaged on May 21st 2009.
Now, Derin has never claimed to be overly romantic ... there are no sonnets tucked away for me to show my kids or anything, but I know that he loves me and he shows me in the best ways he knows how.  That being said, our engagement didn't involve roses, or fancy dinners, or a jumbo-tron - but it did involve the two of us...sitting on our front porch... in our rocking chairs.  He looked at me and said, 'In 50 years, I wanna be doing this exact same thing; Sitting here, with you, holding hands, rocking on our front porch.'  And at that point, he got down on one knee and popped out this bad boy:

So of course I screamed, and cried, and ... said YES!

And from there I proceeded to plan our simple, perfect little wedding.

*Courtesy of J&J Photography

Now, it isn't the biggest - or the most 'perfect' - but it is absolutely perfect for me, and I couldn't ask for anything more wonderful than this ring that my husband picked out for me. <3

*Courtesy of J&J Photography



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