The reason behind my lack of sleep and bad moods...

12:30 am

Derin: are you awake?
::shakes me:: are you awake?

Me: No

Derin: I have something on You Tube you will think is Hilarious!

Me: I doubt it.

Derin: What is tomorrow?

Me: Saturday.

Derin: But what is tomorrow?

Me: The 15th.

Derin: Yes, but what is tomorrow?

Derin:  What is tomorrow......

Me: I hate you.


::Robot Chicken is on television, Boomer is still out of his crate on the bed....Howling at Robot Chicken.:::
This wakes me up.
I get up, pissed that my Husband came to bed without putting the dog in his crate.
I walk in to the living room to every light in the house being on.  Living room: On.  Guest bedroom: On.  Hallway: On.  Office: On. Kitchen: On.  As I make my way into the Kitchen to let the dogs out the back door...I realize the back door is wide open...  Outside light: On.

Me: Oh, he's getting woken up for this.

I make my way into the bedroom and flip on the light and scream :YOU CAN'T EVEN SHUT THE BACK DOOR BEFORE GOING TO BED??

Derin: ::look of sheer confusion::

I begin to make my way through the house to turn off all the lights...and realize the front door is unlocked.

Me: You couldn't lock the front door?

Derin: I'm not scared...I got these... ::flexes his biceps::

At this point I have no words...
Would you?

I'm gonna cut loose... Footloose

The new remake of Footloose comes out this Friday.  Frankly, when I heard that they were remaking the movie...I forced my husband to listen to my 20 minute presentation on "why we shouldn't change a good thing".  Also known as, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it".  To which he responded, with his copious knowledge of all things random, "Most of the current movies are remakes of something".  At this point he began listing several movies I was saddened to learn were remakes.  But, I digress...back to THIS remake. 

I just hope it doesn't disappoint.  Although, I am already disappointed with the actor they chose to play Willard.  Other than that, though, I hope it doesn't disappoint.  I am hoping they just take the first one...and make it better (if that can be accomplished).  I'm sure, like many woman in my age group, this movie was a gold standard of movies.  Much like Dirty Dancing (which should never be remade, ever...never ever...end of story) and Grease (also, don't talk to me about any remakes), they just have something that made our childhood, our girlhood, better.  I got this movie way back in the 4th grade in my Christmas stocking (along with those two other gold standard movies) and I've watched it hundreds of times in my life.  I was even given the DVD (because my VHS was calling it quits) for my college graduation.  On top of that, I own and know every single word to every single song on the soundtrack.  Now, I love hip hop and dancing as much as the next person who thinks they can  get down with their bad selves...but you can never ever go wrong with "Dancing in the Sheets", or "Let's hear it for the boy", or the theme song of course..."Footloose".  I will most definately be a tough critic, in every aspect of this new movie.  I hope they do it justice.

Through the Chaos

I've felt out of control lately, and life has been chaotic.  I've felt exhausted, and more than just a little disparaged.  There are so many things in my life that are wonderful, perfect, awesome...but sometimes the things that make me lay awake at night or cry in the closet floor when I just don't feel like getting dressed in the mornings, overwhelm me.  I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.  But, when I'm surrounded by the loneliness of pants, shirts and really cute shoes - I do sometimes feel like I'm crazy for being the only one who can't get it together.  

Sometimes I just need to remind myself that someone else has a plan for me... and that my plans, and my timelines....they really play second fiddle when it comes to God's plan.  I just wish I could remember that on those mornings I find myself crying in the closet.