The reason behind my lack of sleep and bad moods...

12:30 am

Derin: are you awake?
::shakes me:: are you awake?

Me: No

Derin: I have something on You Tube you will think is Hilarious!

Me: I doubt it.

Derin: What is tomorrow?

Me: Saturday.

Derin: But what is tomorrow?

Me: The 15th.

Derin: Yes, but what is tomorrow?

Derin:  What is tomorrow......

Me: I hate you.


::Robot Chicken is on television, Boomer is still out of his crate on the bed....Howling at Robot Chicken.:::
This wakes me up.
I get up, pissed that my Husband came to bed without putting the dog in his crate.
I walk in to the living room to every light in the house being on.  Living room: On.  Guest bedroom: On.  Hallway: On.  Office: On. Kitchen: On.  As I make my way into the Kitchen to let the dogs out the back door...I realize the back door is wide open...  Outside light: On.

Me: Oh, he's getting woken up for this.

I make my way into the bedroom and flip on the light and scream :YOU CAN'T EVEN SHUT THE BACK DOOR BEFORE GOING TO BED??

Derin: ::look of sheer confusion::

I begin to make my way through the house to turn off all the lights...and realize the front door is unlocked.

Me: You couldn't lock the front door?

Derin: I'm not scared...I got these... ::flexes his biceps::

At this point I have no words...
Would you?

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