Officially Week Two

It is officially week two here on the road to skinny minny-dom.  I've hit a couple of road bumps but all in all I am still firmly on my wagon.
I have been a little disappointed with the weight loss.  I figured with all the water, and less carbs and fat and sugar and processed foods, the pounds would be falling off.  But, that hasn't happened.  Last week I only lost 1.6 pounds.  Not the results I was looking for.  
I am continuing on though, not letting myself get discouraged.

For example, today... I had an AWESOME wrap I made for lunch.  Let me say it again...ahem, AWESOME.
Low fat/Low Carb wrap, with spinach leaves, chicken breast meat, 1/4 cup of skim mozzarella cheese , 1/4 cup of reduced fat feta (MmmMmm good) and a drizzle of homemade ranch dressing with fat free skim milk (I kept the regular mayo in the ranch mix - a girl has got to have some sort of enjoyment in her life, c'mon)  The angels were singing.  I found something that tastes good that isn't horrible for me.  Saints be praised!


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