Day Numero Uno

It is day one of this "plan".  Now, why would you start 3 days before Thanksgiving you ask?  Because if I put it off until next Monday I would be telling myself it was OK to put it off again.  I do plan on eating Thanksgiving dinner, lets not be crazy... but I didn't want to just let it go another week.  If my motivation is here now, lets use it...right?  So day one breakfast has been interesting...
I picked up a carton of egg whites and on the side it had a "recipe" for a protein smoothie.  Since I can't have dairy on this diet, I can't drink my normal protein shakes because I mix the powder with milk.  This concoction has to be my substitute.  It called for a 1/3 cup of liquid egg whites, 1 cup of juice and to add fruit if you wanted.  I didn't want all the sugar of the orange pineapple juice I got, so diluted it down by pouring a half a cup of juice and a half a cup of water.  
I am having to wrap my brain around drinking egg whites - that has been the most challenging part.  That and being ok with the fact that it isn't all that sweet since I diluted the juice with water.  But, I think I can handle this in the AMs.  Tomorrow I'll add some fruit to it and throw it in the blender to see how that works.  

Bottoms up everyone!! 

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