Things I love Thursday...

This weeks installment of "things I love" shouldn't be hard to guess - if you know me at all.  Ahem, Breaking midnight...tonight.  Yes. ::hangs head:: I am a Twihard.  I love Twilight. I read all the books within a week...and if you are a fellow Twihard, you know the thickness of those books!   I have been to all the moves, except for Twilight, at the midnight showing the night of release...and this installment will be no different.  We will be "camping" out at the theater about 10pm... my Twihard companion, who is more obsessed than I about seeing these movies, will scope out which theather is less crowded so we can find the optimal seating for greatest viewing pleasure.  No doubt the theaters will be packed...but if we get into a theater first - we can get the best choice of where we sit.  This is why I go with her - she has no shame when it comes to the Twilight series... well, unless I ask her to make T-Shirts that say "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" - there she draws the line. 
Anyway - I hope anyone that is seeing Breaking Dawn Part 1 tonight enjoys it every bit as much as I will.


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