So...I lied.  That's right, I'm a liar.  A few weeks ago I posted that I was starting my "new life". Losing weight, being healthy and fit and all that.  Well, it was complete crap.  I mean, at the time it wasn't crap. I truly believed that was my moment.  But, as many moments do -- it passed me by.  I did really well for about 4 days but, just like every other time before, I fell off the wagon.  I'm tired of that damn wagon.  I can't stay on it, and every time I fall off I come away battered, bruised, and royally pissed off.  But, I can't blame the wagon.  No, as much as I'd like to be all litigious and threaten to sue for emotionally wrecking me once again, I have no one to blame but myself for letting go of my hold on the wagon.  I am my own worst enemy, and let me tell you - I'm scurrrrrry.

So today, as I was blog stalking through the blogosphere, I happened upon this guy.   Ben Does Life  He went from like 360 lbs to 250 something, he's run countless marathons, and he's an Ironman.  Want some of his "cool"-aid? Um, yes please.  And again, while I was FB stalking his FB fan page, I happened across this girl.  The Road to Slim City and mainly this particular post: Amen .

She spoke to me.  That post in particular.  Because it said all the things that are exactly true when it comes to me and my weight loss.  It will never be easy, and there will always be stuff that gets in the way, but you just have to buck up.  You have to OWN that wagon.  That wagon is your Biotch. (Excuse my vulgarity). 

This time I hope I'm not lying to you - but mark this down as my post.  As THE post that says "I'm OWNING my wagon".  I might, you know, dip my feet to the ground every once in a while...but I hope and pray that this will be the last time I fall face down off my wagon.


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