Grown up Christmas List...

 In our household we're getting ready for Christmas.  The tree is up...the lights line the front porch...the presents are getting wrapped.  Gradually.  I'm reminding myself to "Be of good cheer"...

During this time of year I dread that question that my family asks me... "What do you want for Christmas?"  
I'm old enough now to realize that actually answering that honestly would be completely out of the question... My "wants" have completely moved away from things that people can just purchase for me - to things I have to save up for and buy myself.  But, I guess that is what happens when you grow up...and you're not rich enough to buy your spouse a Lexus and surprise them with it in the snow....

So, I have compiled a short Grown up Christmas List...

1.  I will go ahead and admit that I know this is actually under the tree...Thanks Mom and Dad :)
image via Amazon
  I'm so super excited about this gift this year!!  I have wanted a tablet like nobody's business but I'm wasn't about to spend $500+ on an iPad.  My husband tried to buy me a Kindle last year for Christmas but I told him while I enjoyed reading and would like it -- I didn't really want something like that I couldn't use for other things... ie, apps or surfing the web.  So this year -- tada!!!!! Exactly what I wanted.  I get to read all my kindle books I downloaded on my phone and read on its ity-bity little screen.  Headaches be gone!

2. I won't get this for a while due to it's $1700 price tag...but oh isn't it dreamy.

image via Adorama
 As a photographer - I'm all about prime lenses.  And, this is my next big purchase.  I've tried it out and I adore the creamy bokeh that this baby produces.  Saving up -- but it will no doubt take me a while.  So anyone wanting to donate to the "Carmon wants something ridiculously expensive" fund... I'm for it.

3. My husband is outdoorsy -- so by default... I kind of half to be.  So, this year I actually do want one of these

Not necessarily that exact one... but a kayak.  My husband goes fishing down the river all the time in his and he would love for me to join but I don't have a kayak...  He keeps talking about buying one.  Maybe I'll have a kayak shaped gift under the tree this year?

4.  Another outrageous purchase I have to save up for but can't wait to actually lay my hands on one day...

This actually came in at my office -- and I'm coveting it like nobody's business.  I can't wait till we get it all set up so I can play with it :)

While I have been talking about gifts - please don't forget the real Reason for the Season... Santa isn't King, folks.  
Merry Christmas!

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