Weigh In Wednesday

This is officially the third week of my "lifestyle change" - and while I haven't been perfect (too many Christmas parties!!!!)  I've been good.
I feel better.  I have more energy.  I've been a better mood (for the most part).  The only downer is that I don't see the lbs coming off as quickly as I'd like.  But, honestly, I don't know how much I've lost because I can't get a straight answer from my scale.  The stupid thing will give me 5 different readings... up and down -- all over the place.  I can't be sure if I've gained 4 or lost 10.  I've been trying to gauge it by my clothes, but they don't seem any more loose than before.  So, to be perfectly honest with myself... I am getting a little discouraged.  I am thinking those damaging thoughts "well if this isn't helping me at all then why am I killing myself to do this?"  
I can't let those thoughts take me down though.  I can't let them sabotage what I have accomplished in these past three weeks.

I'm still eating better.  Starting off with Turkey bacon and a grapefruit for breakfast most mornings. (When I run out of grapefruit if I haven't hit up the store I grab a slim fast shake)

I'm packing my lunch most days.

I've still been struggling with getting work outs in.  This holiday season and being super busy isn't helping me out any at all.  I just keep telling myself that after the holidays and I'm not busy until 9 or 10 every night I'll start to incorporate it into my schedule.  Hopefully that will be the missing link on getting this weight to fall off. :)

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