After the Merry Christmas...

I've been MIA...Out of the office...Gone.
We've been traveling and I've been sick with a pesky cold that won't go away.
But, I did have a very Merry Christmas. :)

We drove down to South Carolina to spend a few days with Derin's dad and step mom.  We hadn't seen them in a very long time so it was good to get a few days in with them and catch up.

Christmas Eve we went over to my parents house to meet with my side of the family.

*note the doggie treats on the right hand side. They love their grandoggers

Christmas morning we woke up at my parentse house and opened our gifts from them and each other there.  We hung out there most of the day until around 4pm we headed about an hour west of where we live to see his mom and stepdad and that side of the family. 

Santa was very good to me this he is every year.  Apparently, I'm ALWAYS the epitome of "Good".  My husband would disagree, but we won't listen to him.  Remember, I'm the good one...I never lie ;)

He got me a Fender acoustic guitar this year for Christmas.
One comment in the car a few weeks ago ... "I think our friend Kenny can give us Guitar lessons..."
And here I sit...callouses already forming on my fingers.  But I can't complain, I've talked about learning to play the guitar for years and now I have no excuse; with my very own beautiful black Fender (complete with hot pink strap...he knows me so well)

My mom and dad didn't fail to impress either.

My very own Kindle Fire... complete with awesome case from my cousin Robin. 
There have been several negative reviews about the Kindle Fire...but considering I'm no technology snob, I have no complaints.  It does exactly what I expected it to do.  I can read my books, surf the web, play a few games, and watch my Netflix... while I'm lounging in the tub.
It is perfect for what I want to use it for and I love it.

I got the hubs an xbox... so I haven't seen him since the Monday after Christmas.  Well, I've seen him...but its been in passing while I walk by his determined, obsessed self shaking my head wondering what I'd done buying him that and the Call of Duty game.  Oh well, maybe I'll get a husband back in a few months when he's tired of the game. ;)




  1. hmmm I think my comment got eaten! grrrrr

    Hi Carmon, thanks for linking up today with Michelle & I!

    Awesome gifts and your image of the guitar is awesome! Makes me want to pull out my 5D!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Those are awesome gifts. Glad you had a wonderful Christmas

  3. Fabulous gifts! I want to learn to play guitar, too. Stopping by from the Favorite Gift link up.

  4. What a great gift!! I loooove Netflix so I would be on it constantly haha!

  5. Awesome gifts!
    I'm stopping by from the link-up!

  6. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! Love that pic of the tree!!! Thank you so much for linking up with us!!!!!!


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