Things I love Thursday

I have a best friend, that I call PODUS.  This nickname comes from High School, in US History, when we decided she'd run for President at some point in her life, and she'd be called... President of DA United States.  'Cause she's cool like that.  ;)

We have dinner every week at Don Juan's ... a Mexican restaurant in the town that I live.  The BEST Mexican restaurant ever.  Period.  But, we don't go there for the food...we go there for each other. 

PODUS and I go way back...back to our sophomore year in HS.  Back to braces and awkwardness.  Back to when people looked at us funny because we were just a taaaaad too loud, and no one got our humor anyway.  Back to when she carried around a stuffed Alf (yes, a stuffed was a thing...she grew out of it, I promise.  She's not like, carrying Alf to work or anything.  Although, if I asked her to she probably would.  We're still pretty nerdy like that.)

Randomly during the week, I'll get a text message that simple says 'Dinner?' and I'll simply reply "yes" and we meet up.  Same place, same time.  I love how easy it is; how simple it is.  I love that sometimes we talk a little too loud (and even with children within hearing distance we still sometimes drop the f'bomb) and sometimes we laugh a little too much (about realizing that said child is actually within hearing distance and his/her parents are probably offended by said f'bomb)

I love that we can just appreciate the importance of that hour that we get to see each other out of every week, and that we know that without a doubt ... we'll be doing it again the following week. 

Pic disclaimer: This was like 7 years ago...forgive the tongue ring, OK?

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