She Dreams...

Of taking it on back to the tropics...

Have I said before my honeymoon was ah-maz-ing?  I have?  Oh, well let me say it again.  AH-MAZ-ING.  Right down to the fruity little drink they wrestled from my hand as I cried to my husband "I don't wanna go home!!"  Of course, we did go home, but I always daydream of going back.  Who wouldn't?

Top Five Reasons to go back:

1) Relaxation.  OMG.  You can lay by the beach, you can lay by the pool, you can lay on a raft in the pool, you can read, you can people watch.  What you don't have to anything.  The most work I did on my honeymoon was stressing over the remote control that we dropped in the jacuzzi tub and how much THAT was going to cost us before we left.  It cost us nothing, by the way, they replaced it with a smile.

2) Unlimited food and drink.  Um, How do you say "Bring me another Pina Colada" in spanish?

3) A beach to die for. We live in North Carolina and in North Carolina the sand from the walkway to the compacted sand towards the water is hot. Like 3rd degree burns on your feet hot.  Ok, not that hot, but still...
On the first day when we got there we wanted to take a peek at the beach, so we head down there and are about to walk onto the sand from the walkway and I pause and look at Derin.  "I might have to bolt down to the water" I tell him, fearing for my precious little toes and their negative reaction to that hot sand.  But no, the sand was cool.  Beautifully white, and cool.  You could walk on it forever.

4) A bed from heaven.  King Tempurpedic.  I haven't slept that good since.

5)  Pure and unwavering attention from this guy.

    ignore the nerdy 'thumbs up'... he's cool, really ;)

No phones, no jobs, no dogs, no house to clean... just him and me.  Pure bliss. :)

I can't wait to spend another week with him in paradise. 

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