Something I love to do...

This weekend I got to do something I love...

I got to take pictures of a cute little couple, that are IN love.

This is the second time I've gotten to take engagement pictures.... and, while I do enjoy taking pictures of precious babies and children, there is just something I love about taking pictures of people in love.  It is just FUN to interact with people at this time in their lives.  They are excited, they are about to get married, they are young and want to have fun.

This session was a blast anyway.  I started my normal talk track about how it's cliche to say "act like I'm not here, but ... act like I'm not here" and they ran with it.  Brian started right off saying, "here, lets do about this..." some photographers might not like that...but I really enjoyed hearing their thoughts and inputs on what they wanted out of the session.  We laughed and talked and I scolded them for not keeping me in line with keeping up with my equipment (as I had left it laying in the middle of playground while we gallivanted off to another park of the park).   You know, I can't be held responsible for my own things. Sheesh.

I ended up leaving one of my cameras on a picnic table, actually.  And, my adoring hubs helped me be all mission impossible and break into the park after hours so we could retrieve the fallen soldier.  I wanted to drop and roll and be all sneaky sneaky....he merely walked around with the flash light saying "Come ON!"  He's more afraid of jail time than I am apparently. Haha.  The camera was found, and still worked despite sitting in the rain for a few hours.  :: sings :: Thank Heavens!!!

I can't wait to be able to do this again -- sans the losing of the camera. ;)

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