Mountain Folk

A few weeks ago, Derin and I escaped to the mountains for a mini-vacay to recharge and just spend some quality time together.  We threw around a ton of ideas on where to go and what to do, but in the end it came down to the time we could take and what we could afford.  I, personally, like vacations like my honeymoon, where relaxing and laying by the beach is my number one priority.  Derin, on the other hand, likes vacations where you can go and do and see.  I enjoy that too, but my feet don't thank me at the end of those types of vacations.  In fact, they scream at me...curse me names.  I don't know where they learned that kind of  language...
Anyway...we drove into Tennessee on Sunday.  And, it welcomed us.

That evening our dear friends Tami and Bryan drove over from their little town of Morristown to come visit.  We grabbed a bite to eat, played around of putt-putt, ate some frozen yogurt until the employee gave us enough dirty looks to run us off, and ... in true "Rockstar" fashion...we laughed...and laughed...and laughed. 
I miss her. 

Monday we started at the aquarium...

Then we just moved on to walking the main strip in Gatlinburg and going into the little shops here and there when we decided we wanted to stop and browse. 

And then on Tuesday we went for a Helicopter ride and toured the Titanic.... no, not the one on the bottom of the Atlantic.  They created a museum with artifacts and pictures about the Titanic and about the people on the Titanic.  They recreated the Grand Staircase to scale...with all the specs of the original one.  Very pretty.  No cameras were allowed or I'd have a "Jack coming down the stairs..." picture of my husband..hehe.  When you entered they gave you a "boarding pass" with a name of an actual passenger and their story.  At the end, you learned if you survived...I did. 

It was too short, of course...but I'm glad we got to get away for a little while. 

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