Things I Love Thursday

In all of my blog stalking...I read somewhere that you should have a little segment on your blog that happens, weekly, monthly, whatever.  So, I decided I would do 'Things I Love Thursday', and since I'm the only one reading this blog yet.... yay me!

I'm a little, almost slightly...ok, more than a lot, obsessed with my Van Morrison Pandora channel.  On every other Pandora channel I've ever created, even my Adele channel (sorry, Adele, I love you but it's true...) I've had to jump through several songs, exhausting my 3 skips in an hour within the first like 30 minutes.  But, with my Van Morrison channel - mmmm, maybe once in a few hour period.  Ah-Dore.  I listen to it at work, all day long.
What else is fun about the channel? I get to hear Van Morrison songs I never knew existed.  That, in itself, is reason enough.

Happy Thursday Everyone. :)


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