To Blog or Not to Blog

Ok, so, in this overly exposed nothing is sacred type of social networking world I have been going back and forth about blogging.  Within the past year I've recently become quite obessed with several blogs.  Photography, Arts and Crafts, This and That, Inspirational type blogs, that I catch up on in the mornings while checking emails and getting my "To Do" list squared away for the day. 

The Back Story: In January, I decided I would start my own Photography business.  I started a blog to showcase my work, but I wanted to start blogging.  You know, like, really blogging.  People who do it say its kind of cathartic.  Like, in some way putting your thoughts out there made your real life more ok.  Whether that is true or not I have yet to find out, but I wanted to try.  I didn't think, however, that I really wanted my photography blog itself to host all of my personal 'this or thats' because I wanted to keep that as a showcase for clients and potential clients.  So, I decided I'd start a separate blog....and just see how it went. 
So, that being said...HERE IT GOES.  I'm a blogger.  I blog.  Hi there, nice to meet you.  I'm Carmon, I take pictures I hope will make someone smile, and I blog :)

This blog will be randomness, pictures, reciepes, DIY crafts... and whatever else I choose to blog about...

And another thing I've learned in the blogging community -- that no post is complete without a photograph or two... My two Furbabies, Delia and Dakota :)

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