Things I Love Thursday

About a year ago on my lunch break, I stumbled into the only bookstore within a 15 mile radius of my office.  It was a Lifeway Christian bookstore, and it had books for, like, 4 bucks.  I did a happy dance right there.  So, sometimes on my lunch break I will venture to the Lifeway Christian bookstore where you can enjoy elevator music, clips of Veggie Tales (what?? it's in the children's section...WHAT?? the children's section is totally behind the clearance section, sheesh)  and pick up a cheap good read.  I have come across three awesome authors that I am now obsessed with.  I have purchased all the books they have released...and am anxiously anticipating the new releases that are coming within the next two months for all three of them. 

1) Deeanne Gist.  If you like romance and'll love her historical romance novels.  I say romance and cringe, but think Nicholas Sparks set in 1865.  It's totally awesome.  She's totally awesome.  We're Facebook friends...that's right, be jealous ;)

2) Julie Lessman.  Again, historical romance but a bit more recent.  Her books have spand the 1920's in the most awesome way.  All of her books center around one Bostonian family and each book is about one member of the family.  LOVE.

3) Jenny B. Jones.  Her stories are current, in the now, and with the times.  She keeps her stories fun, funny, and all around good.  I laugh out loud reading her husband looks at me funny.  I don't even try to explain.

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