making changes

Last week I got a completely unexpected call.  It was random.  It was out of the blue....
It was a job offer.
I've been at my current job for 5 years.  There have been ups and downs, goods and bads...just like with any job.  But, there was no where else for me to go.  I was at the top of my ladder... and there were more no more ladders to consider.    I was where I was going to be in 10 years...if I stayed. 
I had applied and interviewed with the new company several times, and every other time I'd never heard anything.  But, this time... after several months,  I got the call and the offer.  It isn't a huge change in terms of what I'll actually be doing...but it is an increase in income and there is potential for me to be able to be promoted or move around to other positions within the company, which is more than I could ever hope at my current position.
So, on March 5th....I will be making the leap into a new job.  I really feel like this is the best decision for me, my husband, and our future. 
The adjustment will be interesting - but I'm really looking forward to the change.

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