friday's letters

Today I'm linking up for some Friday's letters :)

Dear Mom, Happy Birthday.  I hope it is wonderful and glorious and all you hoped your 62nd birthday would be.  I know you've been sick, but you are doing awesome - keep up the great work!

Dear Hubs,  I will miss you desperately this weekend while I'm away in Asheville.   While I'll be off having fun, I will still be anxiously anticipating seeing you again on Sunday!

Dear TamiBeth, my Rockstar for Life...I cannot wait to see you this weekend and shower you with gifts that your little one will soon be able to use.  I am so proud of you and Bryan and I think you will be one of the most awesome moms on the planet.


Dear Dakota, Delia, and good for Daddy? (better than you are for me while he's away, mmmkay?)

 Dear producers of Andrew Zimmerman's show, Bizarre Foods - please turn his mic down when he's eating -- that slopping sound he makes with his mouth while he's eating any number of disgusting foreign treats is enough to make my stomach lurch into my throat.  Oh, just don't watch you say?  My husband loves your show.  I can't begin to know why.

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  1. Oh my gosh, I hate the sound of people eating!! And kissing too (like on the Bachelor)! It makes me want to stop watching haha!


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