happy valentine's day

Thank you St. Valentine's for being commercialized in a way that allows my husband to shower gifts upon me and treat me like a queen ;)

This will be the sixth Valentine's Day the Hubs and I have spent together.
And the second we'll enjoy as a married couple. 
So today, I wanted to share a little about why I.LOVE.HIM.SO.RIDICULOUSLY.

One of our engagement pictures.

If you know Derin and I, you will know that he's the favorite.  Everyone loves him.  I hear it all the time..."Oh I just love Derin".  Or, "Why didn't you bring Derin? I'd really like to see him."  Well, you're seeing me - suck it up, MOM.  But, I can't hate because he really is an awesome guy.  The best if you ask me... which no one is really asking - I'm merely telling so... there you have it.

Derin and I circa 2005

He is without a doubt the best friend I could ever ask for.  No, he doesn't help me go through my closet and pick out the best shoes for my outfits.  And no, he doesn't particularly enjoy shopping for Kate Spade while I mull over which style I'd rather have. 
But, he makes me laugh until I cry.
He holds my hand in the car.
He keeps my most important secrets.
He's the best person to go to Home Depot with.
He supports me, no matter what decision I make.
He loves my parents as much as I do.
He loves my friends and they've become his friends.
He loves the fact that I LOVE dogs.  
He even handles my random sobbing moments when the ASPCA commercials come on and I'm screaming, "Turn the channel! I can't watch!!"
He makes the dinner sometimes.
He cleans the kitchen.
He folds the laundry.
He handles all the landscaping maintenance. (Come on, mowing...it just ain't my thing)
But most importantly...He loves me.
He doesn't get upset that I tell him I love him 20+ times a day - he just says it back.
He calls me to ask me out on dates, still.
He wakes up in the middle of the night after we've drifted apart in our sleep to find me and put his arm around me again.
He wakes me up with kisses every morning.
He tells me I'm beautiful.

Us on our Honeymoon, 2010.  Aren't our sunburns just so sexy?  Especially Derin's ;)

He, without question, is the most amazing thing in my life.  Without him I'd be lost, and I thank God every day that he blessed me with this man - and I'm still trying to figure out what made me deserving of him.  But, I won't question too much - don't want any powers that be to realize they made a mistake giving him to me. 

Happy Valentine's Day
To the person who makes me whole.

New Years, circa 2007


  1. Aww, he sounds like a sweetie!!
    Check out my blog - I nominated you for an award.

  2. What a super cute post and lovely tribute to your best friend and love, so wonderful! Hope your Hearts Day was wonderful! I discovered your lovely blog after seeing your sponsor post over at My Lively Mind! Hope you are enjoying your weekend so far! :)


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