last week in review

 Derin did a good job for Valentine's day.  He knows that I couldn't really care less about roses - so he got me these beautiful tulips...that are still blooming today.  He also got me the Breaking Dawn DVD and the Adele CD.  Um, Love. :)  We didn't go out to dinner or anything because he was on call - so I made dinner and we stayed in and watched a movie.  Perfect little Valentine's, if I do say so myself.

Thursday was my Birthday, but we waited until Saturday to go out and celebrate with friends.
I have a little birthday crown on but you can't see it in this

Sunday we got the first snow of the season (and probably the last unless we have another Blizzard in March like we did in 1993)  Very strange weekend, with it being in the 60's on Saturday and then it snowing on Sunday.
The puppies enjoyed watching the snow falling.

Even with the snow, we headed out because I bought Miranda Lambert tickets for my birthday..for myself.  I knew just what I wanted, and I was really happy with my present. :)
 She put on SUCH a good show!!!!

All in all my Valentines/Birthday week and weekend was AWESOME.

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  1. What gorgeous tulips...don't you just love them! Beautiful picture to capture them and your fun-filled weekend! Happy Belated Birthday!!! :)


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