Thursday 13 | To Give Thanks

Thankfully... I have more than 13 things to be Thankful for, but today - since I'm linking up with Aunie Sauce to list 13 things I'm thankful for, I'll stick to the guidelines. ;) Warning: This post is full of the word THANKFUL.

1.  My Husband.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again:  Derin is the BOMB DIGGITY. Yes, 1998 wants its phrase back, but I'm not even apologetic about it, because the Urban Dictionary states the definition is "Awesomeness in its purest form" - and for Derin that is totally true.  I am so thankful every day that I have a husband that believes in me, that trusts me, that is faithful to me, that makes me laugh on the regular, that takes care of me, and that doesn't mind that I'm a horrible housewife (and I don't mean like the ones from Beverly Hills.  They are their own kind of horrible that we won't touch on in this post.)  While he picks on my lack of desire to clean on a regular basis, he jumps right in and helps me when the kitchen is a wreck and he's taken on the official role of laundry folder.  But he's kind of had to - or it wouldn't get done. I HATE folding clothes.

2) My Madre and Padre.  So, when I was sick last week - they drove 30 minutes to my house to pick me up and take me to the doctor.  Then, my dad dropped my mom and I off at the house after the appointment and went back out to pick up my medications.  Let me just point out that I am a grown, married woman who - for all intents and purposes- should be able to drag her sorry self out of the house to the doctor.  But no, they insisted they'd come take me.  Its the simple things like that (not to mention raising me, feeding me,  sheltering and clothing me for all those years) that make me so very thankful I have the kind of parents I do.

3)  My Furbabies.  I've harped on my husband many times before and I know everyone knows how much I adore my furbabies, but I have to say how thankful I am for them.  They can drive me mad - just like I'm sure real children would- but I am so very thankful that they are in my life.  They bring me so much laughter and love that I don't know what I'd do without them.  Who doesn't want someone that excited to see you every single day?  Who doesn't want someone to just know you're upset about something and curl up beside you?  Who doesn't want to laugh hysterically because they are doing something crazy again?  They are such a blessing. 

4) Having a job.  In this economy,  I think this is pretty self explanatory.  I am happy to have a job that pays the bills, that covers medical insurance, that I get paid for vacations and holiday, and that I don't cry about having to go to everyday. 

5) Having Wonderful Friends.  I have the best friends that anyone could ask for.  They make me laugh until I can't breathe.  They are understanding and caring and they listen and empathize.  They are there when they are needed, and they make my life worthwhile. 

6) Books. I get so much joy out of getting lost in a good book, I am thankful that there are authors out there that know how to tell a wonderful story.

7) Netflix. If I didn't have my netflix I'd go crazy. 

8) Divine Forgiveness.  I screw up ... A lot.  I'm thankful my mistakes can be forgiven.

9) Photography.  I love taking pictures, although I've been so busy lately I haven't had time to take that many.  But I'm glad I have the opportunity to follow a passion.

10) Freedom.  And for those who fight for it for me.

11) Lessons Learned.

12) Health.  I may not be the most healthy person - but I have my health.  I am not suffering from any dibilitating disease or handicap, and for that I am thankful. 

13)  The people I've had the pleasure of connecting with through this blog.  It's always wonderful to meet new, fun people! :)

Aunie Sauce

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  1. I am thankful every. single. day. for my husband. We are blessed to have such amazing men by our sides!


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