Current Color Obsession

I'm kind of getting into a springy type mood with all the warmer weather we're experiencing here in North Carolina, and I am currently obsessing over the color Coral.  Not only for clothes but for the home.  I looove the bedding below.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

And my favorite color combo is Navy, White and Pink or Coral (if you couldn't tell by all the pink, navy and white I have going on on this blog)  Isn't this little skirt/tank combo adorable??

I love this necklace too - it is so different.
Source: via Niki on Pinterest


  1. Just started following your blog :)
    Agreed that coral is an awesome colour. Can't wait til spring gets here and I can wear it all the time...without a big puffy jacket over it :S
    Have a great day!
    Lauren @ lemon trees and bumble bees


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