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I always feel a little foolish exclaiming my presence on my blog - or rather, my lack thereof.  I doubt anyone's lives were severely diminished due to my extended absence, but I like to think of myself as just that important ::wink, wink::.

But seriously.  I've been in a slump lately.

I started my new job two months ago, and going from an office of two other people to an office building of several hundred has not been the easiest transition on my immune system.  I've deemed it the "adult preschool" situation.  First, I had bronchitis (which still rears its ugly head anytime I want to laugh with any type of vigor) and that kept me down for, oh - about three to four weeks.  Then, once I started feeling a little better, I caught a stomach bug.  I've been down for the count and not wanting to do much of anything, much less pretend my life is anything but BOR-ING.

We did get out of town last weekend to head to Tennessee to see a good friend and her precious new baby girl.  Unfortunately, despite all my talking about taking more pictures -- I got one.  And, it isn't even a good one.  She is a cutie. ::baby swoon::

A very few other pics from the trip... and then one of Boomer thrown in.  Because he's cute, and he can make any thing better.

Speaking of not taking many photos...
I've basically not met any of my goals in terms of taking more pictures.  I've been meaning to take part in the photo a day challenge I've seen floating around the internet since January, but halfway through a month I'll remember randomly that I've not taken any of the pictures on the list and just write it off until the following month, where the vicious cycle starts again.  But, this month since I'm feeling better and things are getting back on track I am planning following along with the photo a day...

Since I missed posting one for yesterday, I'll just post both yesterday and today's now :)



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